Visuals are at the heart of eCommerce industry!

Be sure that your online store runs a smooth ride.

Let’s get into the statistics OR Things to remember


Only 10% of information is retained three days after having read it. Adding a photo improves memory retention by 65%.


Posts with images receive 94% more views as compared to the ones without images.


67% of consumers have views that the quality of a product image significantly contributes to its purchase.

All you got to do is Cliq

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1. Access your personalised dashboard at any time
2. Select the time and place of your choice for the appointment
3. Detail out the specifications of your desired photo/video shoot

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1. Cliqshot assigns the photographer and briefs him/her about the requirements
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3. You are at liberty to supervise the shoot or have it their way

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1. Cliqshot provides premier quality photos and videos
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